Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre Education - nomination 2015
ASCAP Foundation Joe Raposo Children's Music Award - recipient 2011
OUTmusic Award, Single of the Year and Humanitarian Songwriter of the Year - nomination 2012
MAC Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs, Special Material Song Of The Year - nomination 2011
ASCAP Plus Awards - recipient 2005 - 2012
Great Performances - scholarship recipient 2007
Anna Sosenko Assist Trust - grant recipient 2005      


A Normal Life is a catchy – and more importantly, funny – collection of pop songs.
Jay Ruttenberg, Time Out New York
What every producer looks for most in an artist is uniqueness, especially in this YouTube, everybody's-in-show-biz age. Garry Novikoff delivers on every front, and his charming, engaging, intelligently catchy songs are so intensely personal that they are absolutely universal. 
Richard Barone, producer, recording artist, composer, and author
I am so taken with Garry’s unique brand of humor and storytelling. The songs are very sneaky. They reach up and grab you in the heart when you least expect it.
Victor Mignatti, Grammy-nominated filmmaker
Garry has a delightfully quirky sense of humor. He also writes heartbreakingly poignant songs that pack quite a satiric punch. Good Night, Rabbit and Lenny are two aching memories swirled into songs of love and loss.  
Bob Sherman, WFUV  
A charming folk song…I identify with that fellow!
Jonathan Schwartz, WNYC and XM radio (on Dog on the Moon)
My favorite ditty [on To Touch the Stars] is unquestionably Garry Novikoff’s joyous ‘Dog on the Moon.’ It hilariously condenses both the media circus that accompanies space celebrities… and the ‘what might have been’ feeling held today by so many of us who grew up during the Apollo era.
Jeff Berkwits, Science Fiction Weekly
There is a poignancy when Garry Novikoff sings in Dog on the Moon that he dreams of being, in his next life, the first dog to touch down on Mars. 
Popular Science 
Smithsonian Air and Space
Garry Novikoff is one of the most important artists of our time.
Julie Flanders, October Project