Angels In The Chamber is a band that makes music unique under the heavens. Frontman Garry Novikoff (piano, guitar and vocals); Pamela Sklar, (flute); Enid Blount Press (clarinet and bass clarinet); and Marc Wager (French horn); weaves elements of rock, pop, classical, improvisational and atmospheric music into a highly original genre all its own. Their material includes original pieces as well as inventive covers from the 1960s and 70s - the golden age of what was called art rock or progressive rock. They also reach back as far as Civil War times to reinvent songs from that era.

From their very inception, Angels in the Chamber have created quite a buzz. They were finalists in the WNYC Battle of the Boroughs concert at the Greene Space hosted by WQXR DJ Terrance McNight, and were featured on DJ Bob Sherman’s radio show Woody’s Children on WFUV in New York. Their debut album is ready to drop with an official release slated for fall 2018.


A wonderful, cathartic, freeing experience. You are your own thing. I didn't know they allowed this in the Bronx!
Nick Sansano - award-winning record producer (Sonic Youth, Run D.M.C., Public Enemy), panelist WNYC The Greene Space Battle of the Boroughs.

Definitely outside the box. Strong talented musicians.
Alicia Olatuja - musician/vocalist, panelist WNYC Greene Space Battle of the Boroughs.

The chicks have brought it! Flute solo, bass clarinet solo. What, what, what!
Helga Davis, musician/vocalist, panelist WNYC The Greene Space Battle of the Boroughs.

Garry Novikoff is both the angel on one shoulder with the beatific smile, and the smirking devil on the other, encouraging you to be naughty. This quirky new musical setting is a perfect accompaniment to his ongoing conflict of "good is good" versus "yes, but bad is better."
Richard Barone - producer, recording artist, composer and author.