Welcome to the world of Garry Novikoff – a man of many musical lives and a magnificent mass of contradictions.

He is a writer of lyrically driven songs that defy genre, blur the lines between comedy and tragedy, and overflow with pathos. He is a performer who connects to his audiences with both ease and intensity, wearing both his cleverness and his heart on his sleeve. There is something slightly twisted about him, yet he is as wholesome as they come. He is an ASCAP award-winning children’s songwriter whose songs have been covered by cabaret artists and punk bands alike. He is a TONY nominated music educator. A composer of avant neoclassical music. A crooner of standards. A rebel. A rock star. And an average Joe. 

A musical Renaissance man.


Angels In The Chamber CD Release Concert!!!

Thursday, April 18th, 2019 at 7pm

Arlene's Grocery 

95 Stanton Street, NYC, 10001

Admission $10

Tickets HERE

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